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The members of the congregation take an ardent interest in helping the financially backward medical patients. Mor Gregorios Karunya Theeram Guidance Centre, which is built adjacent to the Vandanam Medical College is one of the many examples for the magnitude of concern that the parishioners have for the sick and needy. As the project is aimed to freely accommodate poor cancer patients and their bystanders who come to the Vandanam Medical College for treatment, those in need may approach this institution for any kind of help and assistance.


The parishioners take serious care in helping financially underprivileged families by reaching out to them in all possible ways, especially when there is a delay in marriage related ceremonies. The magnanimity and graciousness of the parishioners are well appreciated.


Food, water, air, clothing and shelter are the fundamental needs of a human-being. But it is true that on the one side, our society never promises these to any one, and on the other side it deprives the poor from all their rights. The Church through its mission reaches out to these vulnerable sections of life and extends all possible helps. The parish has helped many homeless people by restoring them into new homes and thereby building new wings of hope in their lives. Till now as many as 15 homes have been successfully constructed and distributed. The nobility of the parishioners in the successful functioning of this mission is remembered with deepest thankfulness.


The parish lends a helpful hand to the fiscally disadvantaged, but competent students by providing them with sufficient financial assistance every academic year. Students who wish but could not continue their higher education because of financial insufficiency are given special priority and encouragement.


Mor Gregorios Karunya Theeram Guidance Centre, built adjacent to the Vandanam Medical College is a golden feather in the crown of the history of the parish. Rev. Fr. K.C. Scaria Kannamalil and managing committee members of this parish (2011-2012) along with the committed hardwork of the congregation helped in the realization of this spended architectural excellence as we see it tody. The project was undertaken by the parishioners collectively and was led to perfection by the Metropolitan of the Niranam Diocese, H.G. Dr. Yuhanon Mor Chrisostomos. The project aimed to construct a building with adequate facilities, and to freely accommodate poor cancer patients and their bystanders who come to the Vandanam Medical College for treatments. It is remembered with gratitude that it was because of the perpetual grace of God Almighty and comprehensive monetary support of the congregational members that the parish could finish this project successfully on time.

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