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The choir is an indispensable constituent that helps the harmony in all the services held within the church especially the Holy Qurbana and other worships. Mr. Jacob Mamen, Chembumaliyil is the acting leader of the choir. The members of the parish choir unit are:
1. Sajan Kurian, Plamoottil
2. Santhosh Varghees, Puthanparambil
3. Prabeesh John, Mattaikkal Valaparambil
4. Niju Jacob, Maliyakkal
5. Anu Poulose, Konichuvattil
6. Shilpa Solomon, Kariyampallil

WOMEN FELLOWSHIP (Martha Mariam Vanitha Samajam)

On every Friday from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm, the women of the church come together with an aim to worship, serve and learn. The meetings are presided by the vicar, who would preach on a predetermined topic or from the Biblical passages. This spiritual organization aims at making the women know God by learning from the holy scripture and by responding to the needs of their neighbours.
President: Vicar
Secretary: Susi Wilson, Mangarathil


The parish is blessed with a team of enthusiastic youth who works actively in all the activities held in the parish. The Youth Movement plays an inevitable role in the growth of the parish, both in the spiritual as well as social dimensions.
Secretary: Jojo V Philipose, Bethel


All students of Sunday School are members of Balasamajam too. More than the Sunday School, Balasamajam provides ample opportunities for the students to explore their own skills and abilities. It provides a variety of platforms, which could promise a better possibility of a child's exposure. It aims at enriching a child's leadership qualities and helps a child to get out into the open arena of novel opportunities.


For convenience, the prayer group is divided into three sections named after St. Mary, St. Thomas, and St. George, on the basis of the locality and proximity of the parishioners. The prayer meeting is held on every Sunday between 4 pm and 6 pm, at a house, in any one of the three localities, where the members would come together to sing songs, read the bible, meditate and discuss. This is a vibrant body, as unlike any other spiritual organization, this one has all the men, women and children as its members.

St. Mary's Prayer Group
President: Vicar
Secretary: Mathew M Petter Mattackal
St. Thomas' Prayer Group
President: Vicar
Secretary: P C Chnady Puthanpurackal
St. George's
President: Vicar
Secretary: Cherian Varghese Puthuseryvadakathil